Dealing with Car Engine Overheating? Stay Safe with These Steps!

car engine overheating

Have you ever faced the issue of your car engine overheating? Or do you worry about the possibility of it happening? Though relatively common, an overheating engine can be stressful and risky, especially when you’re unsure about the necessary steps to take. Instead of panicking, prioritize your safety above all else! When confronted with car overheating, follow these essential guidelines (along with some preventive measures for enhanced safety).

Identifying Signs of Car Engine Overheating 

Car engine overheating can have various causes, making it challenging to pinpoint the source of the smoking engine. Often, a malfunctioning cooling system is to blame for a vehicle overheating. This system’s failure impairs the engine’s ability to dissipate heat, leading to steam formation. For example, your car might have a faulty radiator fan, a damaged water pump, a leak, or a blocked coolant hose. However, detecting these issues can be difficult without knowledge of automotive mechanics.

Regardless of the underlying cause, immediate action is necessary if you are experiencing car engine overheating. Ignoring the problem could result in significant and potentially irreversible damage. Watch out for these warning signs to determine if your car is overheating:

  • Steam escaping from beneath the hood
  • Noisy engine operation
  • Unusual sounds while driving
  • Flashing or illuminated coolant light
  • Temperature gauge above the normal range
  • Engine stalling during acceleration or deceleration

Steps to Take When Your Car Overheats 

Stop driving 

When faced with a car engine overheating, it’s crucial to pull over safely and promptly. If you’re on a busy road, gradually reduce your speed to minimize overheating and find a secure place to park. Ensure that you don’t obstruct traffic, which could lead to accidents. Next, turn off the engine immediately. This is the safest and most effective way to cool the engine when you find yourself in a roadside predicament.

Contact Newhouse Towing Service – Portland Tow Truck 

Avoid attempting DIY repairs on the roadside. It’s not worth compromising your safety or worsening the damage to an already troubled engine. Once you’ve parked and turned off the car, the next step is to reach out to Newhouse Towing Service – Portland Tow Truck, a trustworthy and reputable towing company. Our dedicated team provides reliable roadside assistance services to quickly remove you and your vehicle from traffic and transport it to a nearby mechanic. Rest assured, we can help with car engine overheating. 

Turn off your air conditioning 

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it is recommended to refrain from using air conditioning when your car engine is overheating. Why? Turning on the AC adds extra strain to an already overworked engine. The AC system demands more power, further raising the engine’s temperature. Surprisingly, some experts suggest turning on the heat instead. This measure helps dissipate excess heat from the engine and passenger compartment, providing the cooling system with a much-needed break.

Avoid opening the hood 

We’ve all seen those dramatic movie scenes: a couple driving through the desert, their car emitting smoke, and a heroic character saving the day by lifting the hood, resulting in a burst of scorching steam. While visually captivating on the screen, this action can cause more harm than good in real life.

Opening the hood allows heat to circulate within the engine compartments, potentially causing severe damage to your vehicle. Moreover, it puts you at risk of burns and injuries from the scalding steam or smoke. Before opening the hood, closely monitor the indicator and allow the temperature to stabilize.

Newhouse Towing Service – Portland Tow Truck Can Assist with Car Engine Overheating 

Although no one plans for their car engine to overheat or experience a breakdown, it is important to have a trusted towing company you can rely on. At Newhouse Towing Service – Portland Tow Truck, we provide top-notch towing and roadside assistance services, including handling issues related to car engine overheating. Call us today!

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