How Flatbed Towing Protects Your Vehicle During Transport

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Flatbed Towing 101

When we face vehicle troubles, the choice of towing service plays a crucial role in protecting our cars during transport. Flatbed towing is a towing method that involves a tow truck equipped with a flat, unobstructed platform where vehicles are securely mounted and lifted entirely off the ground. Whether it’s transporting a cherished vintage vehicle like a 1960s Chevrolet Corvette or handling a modern all-wheel-drive system like the Subaru Outback. Portland flatbed towing ensures that these vehicles are transported with their integrity fully intact, safeguarding them from any road-related wear and tear.

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When is Flatbed towing right for me?

Flatbed towing is not just for emergencies or breakdowns; it serves a variety of practical applications that benefit numerous situations. For instance, it is the ideal solution for transporting vehicles that cannot be safely driven due to mechanical failures or those involved in accidents where driving the vehicle could lead to further damage. 

This towing method is extensively used for moving high-value or luxury vehicles that require extra protection to maintain their pristine condition. It is also favored for transporting classic cars to shows or relocation, ensuring they arrive without the stress of mileage or road wear. For vehicles with low ground clearance or those with all-wheel drive, flatbed towing is essential to prevent drivetrain damage during transport, making it a versatile choice for virtually any towing need.

How Does Flatbed Towing Work?

Smooth Loading

The flatbed towing starts with the vehicle being carefully driven or winched onto the flatbed truck. This platform is typically equipped with a hydraulic system that can be lowered to ground level, allowing for a smooth, angled ascent onto the truck, which is especially important for vehicles with low ground clearance.

Secure Strapping

Once the vehicle is positioned on the flatbed, it is secured using specialized straps and hooks. These are not just any restraints; they are typically made from industrial-grade materials that can withstand high tension without damaging the vehicle. The straps are strategically placed over the vehicle’s tires or through designated anchor points on the frame, depending on the vehicle’s design and requirements. This securing method is crucial as it prevents any movement, whether the truck is navigating through city traffic or on highways, ensuring the vehicle remains stable and secure throughout the journey.

Tow truck operators often use safety chains as a backup measure, attached from the vehicle to the flatbed, to provide an extra layer of security. 

Transport Ready

Once everything is locked in place, with the vehicle’s transmission set to park and the parking brake engaged, the truck is ready to transport the vehicle. The design of the flatbed ensures that the vehicle sits completely above the road surface, eliminating any contact with the road and thus, any wear or stress on the vehicle’s tires and suspension system. This method is particularly advantageous for transporting vehicles over long distances or through rough terrains where traditional towing methods might pose risks of damage or excessive wear.

Portland Flatbed Towing: Versatility for All Vehicle Types

Whether you have a luxury car, an SUV, or a motorcycle, Portland flatbed towing is suitable for any vehicle. This versatility makes it a preferred choice for owners of high-end or specialty vehicles that require extra care to avoid damage.

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Newhouse: Maximizing Vehicle Safety with Flatbed Towing

Whether we transport a luxury vehicle to a car show or move a car from an accident site—we know how much car owners value their priced possessions. That’s why Newhouse Towing Service is your trusted partner for Portland flatbed towing. Our Portland flatbed towing services provide maximum protection for vehicles and peace of mind for vehicle owners. 

At Newhouse Towing Service, we use the latest Portland flatbed towing equipment to ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination just as it was when loaded onto our truck. Trust us for all your Portland flatbed towing needs, and experience the difference in quality and care that we provide.

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