How to Avoid Wildlife Collisions

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Tips for Safe Driving in Natural Habitats

Have you ever found yourself navigating the scenic routes around Portland, only to have a deer dart across the road unexpectedly? Wildlife collisions are not just a hazard for the animals; they pose significant risks to drivers, too. Understanding how to avoid these encounters is essential, especially when you’re in areas where wildlife crossings are common. We’ll share some tips to keep both you and the natural inhabitants safe on the road—and tow truck at bay. And should the unforeseen happen, remember that Portland roadside assistance is always at hand to help get you back on your journey safely.

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Stay Alert: The First Rule of Safe Driving

Recognizing High-Risk Areas

Natural habitats and forested areas near roads are hotspots for wildlife activity. Paying attention to wildlife crossing signs is crucial as these are placed in known animal crossing areas. However, animals don’t limit themselves to marked zones, so it’s wise to be vigilant at all times, especially during dawn and dusk when wildlife is most active.

Observe Your Surroundings

Your best tool against wildlife collisions is observation. Keep your eyes on the move, scanning both sides of the road as you drive. High beams in low-light conditions can help you spot reflective eyes from afar. If you are unsure about wildlife movement in the areas you’re in, slow down and maintain a cautious speed.

Effective Strategies to Avoid Wildlife Collisions

Slow Down, Save Lives

Reducing your speed in wildlife-dense areas gives you more reaction time. If you see an animal on or near the road, slow down immediately. Don’t assume they’ve seen you or that they’ll move out of the way. Animals are unpredictable, and even small creatures can cause accidents if drivers react sharply to avoid them.

Group Dynamics

Remember, where there’s one animal, there are often more. Many animals travel in groups, so if you spot one crossing, prepare for others to follow. This is particularly true for deer, which are prevalent in and around Portland.

Use Your Horn Wisely

If you encounter an animal on the road and it does not move, a short blast of your horn may encourage it to do so. However, use your horn sparingly; excessive noise can cause panic and unpredictable movements.

When Encounters Are Unavoidable

Despite your best efforts, sometimes a collision is unavoidable. In these moments, it’s important to know how to minimize the impact. If an animal steps onto the road and there’s no time to stop safely, aim for the spot where the animal came from, not where it’s going. This increases the chance of the animal moving away from your vehicle. Always prioritize the safety of yourself and your passengers over avoiding the animal.

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Being Prepared

Even with the utmost care and attention, wildlife collisions can happen. It’s vital to have a plan in place. This includes knowing who to call for Portland roadside assistance or for a tow. Keeping emergency numbers handy and knowing your location can save valuable time in stressful situations, should you need any form of Portland roadside assistance.


Newhouse Towing: Your Partner When It Gets Wild on the Road

As we journey through the natural beauty surrounding Portland, encounters with wildlife are sometimes part of the experience. While these tips can help prevent collisions, it’s comforting to know that Portland roadside assistance is always just a call away with Newhouse Towing. 

We pride ourselves on being the best, offering fast, reliable Portland roadside assistance when you need it most. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a wildlife collision or facing any other road mishap, our team is here to ensure your safety and get you back on your way. 

Remember, safety on the roads is a shared responsibility. By staying alert, practicing safe driving habits, and being prepared for any situation, we can protect ourselves, our fellow travelers, and the beautiful wildlife that makes our journeys so memorable. Because at the end of the day, we want to avoid the call for Portland roadside assistance.

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